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Autumn & Winter Colour

Posted on: 16th October, 2019

This is a time of change in the garden as we take out all the summer bedding plants in borders and containers and replant them with Autumn and Winter colour.

We have a great selection of suitable plants including Winter pansies, with their larger bright, blousy blooms, and violas, altogether more demure but very attractive providing reliable colour even in duller weather.

Our miniature Cyclamen are particularly suited to planting in mixed containers, especially when they are placed in a sheltered spot, although they are hardy to -5 C, it is the cold driving rain they dislike.

Another group of flowering plants to consider for borders or containers are the winter flowering heathers (Ericas). We currently have a wide selection of these versatile plants, perfect for popping into pots or planting-up an all year round colour border, especially when teaming them up with some of our dwarf conifers. Winter and early spring flowering heathers do not require acid soils so they can be grown anywhere and they require little maintenance.

If you prefer to go for more traditional autumn bedding plants we have Wallflowers, Sweet Williams, Polyanthus and P rimroses, along with the very colourful ornamental cabbages, providing a splash of spectacular foliage colour.

In fact evergreen foliage plants are a vital part in any Autumn and Winter container arrangement as they make a perfect foil to show off the blooms of their flowering counterparts.

As you would expect we have a wide variety of these including Skimmia Rubella, which is also festooned with tight clusters of pink tinted buds throughout the winter, colourful Ajugas, Lamiums and lower growing ornamental grasses to enhance your displays.

We also have ready planted containers available if you prefer them.